qualia are they really all that? what are they?

ok I hate to waste time!
so let me get right to the point.

I used to be baffled by the thought, that what we call color, red and blue and yellow and any combination of those, isn’t a thing that is really out there.
The thing, we call light, is just pulsating electromagnetic fields, that travel through space.

so to make it short, it is a property of space, traveling through space, periodically gaining and losing strength.

the differing colors, are only the differing energies, of those disturbances, traveling through space.

high energy light(blue) is quickly pulsating fields
low energy light(red) is slowly pulsating fields.

colors spectrum

this is the spectrum of visible light

there are no colors out there.
this leads me to why I WAS baffled: if the color we assign, in our brains, to the differing wavelengths of those electromagnetic pulsating fields hitting our eyes, how do we know that my red isn’t your blue?

do all people see the same thing, when (red) light of 680 nm wavelengths hits our eyes?

is what I see as red, the same thing, you see as red? maybe what you see at 680 nm wavelength, is what I see when I look at blue light? and vice versa.

how would we ever know? we both would think of whatever we see as red and couldn’t even imagine anyone else seeing anything different from ourselves.

this internally assigned color is called a qualia.

and I used to think these are untestable and incomparable, but today it hit me they are not!

as we all know, our brains are all a bit different from each other, but they are still the same in some respect;
they are built from the very same basic unit, the neuron; and the things is:
just  half a year ago I read in a horrible magazine, which i wont mention here, that there is another thing I have waited for over a decade is being realized: people take the magnetic fields that are created through the electric activity in the brain and use them to reconstruct the image the person sees.
the thing is this has to be adjusted for every brain anew, but it produces an image on a computer screen.

reconstructing seen images from messured brainactivity

reconstructing seen images from measured brain activity

so if they would manage to reconstruct pictures that are seen in full color
and then go to te next guy adjust for him and see if the picture comes out the same color as the previous guy the measured before. they then proven that those qualia are not different for every person

but that what i see as red is, exactly what you see as red!

and that is a very comforting thought!
this still doesn’t answer what this thing color is….
but at least we know that it isn’t random but somehow the brain architecture produces it for every human being more or less the same!

now I am no longer fascinated by those qualia.

but I still wonder how they came to be and why air-molecules drumming on our eardrums, are experienced as this weird thing we call sound.

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Being Afriad….

this post is a bout fear and as always “no time to waste” -lets get straight to the point (i really hate introductions)

see ? this is the way to go

well the thing about fear is that is puts you in a state called “fight or flight” , in which you can only fight  or flee a perceied threat. That means you are not able to devote braincapacity to let’s say more philosophical subjects like the fence you are fighting with your neighbour over now or whatever it is that put you in fight or flight in the first place. so its only about coming out the conflict on top, its not about the rational dispute anymore.

or if you are in a lifethreatining situation… the fear wont help you resolve the situation, the best bet usually is to stay calm think it through rationally and then following it up with the most favourable action.

this all goes so far that most of teh time something bad happens, the reason you may or may not make it, solely depends on you being overwealmed by fear or if you stay cool and just do what you have to…

i believ that at the point that you decide to not let fear rule your behavior, you become a better person..,.well…not a good person, but still a better person.

the best way to fight fear is to just endure it and by repeating the exposure to the source of your fears, you kind of learn that the perceived threat never holds its promise to damage you to the extend your fear makes you belive…and over time you just get either more used in facing your fears or you get bolder and dont care anymore ewither way you win

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SUPERSTITION…really? you believe that this smell will heal your smokers-lung?

lets come to the point as said before hate wasting time…

the only superstition i can accept is a lp from stevie wonder

the only superstition i can accept is a lp from stevie wonder

i cant belive that superstition is still arround

its a slap in the face of civilization

well i dont get how you can believ  some random guy who makes up  some weird theory (which he cant prove)  and then tells you that the energy coming from a certain pebble will “resonate” with your inner blablabla and then heal you -.-‘

firts what type of energy? radiowaves? huh? then whit what resonates this dubuious  energy(btw i dont get how science has failed to dicxover that new form of energy but this crackhead from memphis was able to discovere it in his freaking basement)

ok i am straying sorry

well superstition works like this some guy makes up some random unproven theory how this and this has this eeffect

then the superstiscious people go and buy his book for 500$ and then buy some perfectly ordinary pebbles for twice as much (1000$) then they hold them over wounds or itches and chant weird words that “resopnate” with  the stones

wow just wow

everyone can make this kind of bs up

i can write a whole book on the healing powers of water that has been stirred counterclockwise and how it will be able to heal everything for the ruidiculous price of 1000$ a gallon

first if you believe everything some random crazy/greedy guy tells you

you are a danger not only to yourself but also to other people

because i asssume youd also believe the stereotypes you see on tv plus all types of propaganda(mainly advertising)

and this  mindset of beliveing anything just because you want it to be true is  whats bad about superstition

people should  always question everything they are told

they should give everyone who claims abnything a hard time

and i dont get how  most of the people are still stuck in the freaking mi8ddle ages

they believ in perpetuum mobiles,

in eneregy  created from nothing,

they believ the stars ( freaking huge hydrogen balls eternetys away from your pebble called earth) only “move” the way they do to predict your freakin future,

they beleive that some weird flowers help cleans tzhe body and all other types of bs

superstition is very scary!

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Prejeduce – is it really necessary to handle this huge flood of info arround us?

dear reader i hate wasting your and my time!

thus lets come to the point

this is how prejeduce lloks like on the receiving end ( just so you heard of it)

if you prejudge people you feel safe because every new person is already judged we can then treat them accordingly without any delay…

but as many of us know there is 6 billion people and no two of them alike!

if you dont prejudge you are left in a world where there is no black and white anymore instead you are in a world of very dark dark grey (which is basically black) and very very light grey (which is basically white)

basically you dont know how to classify ever new person you get to know

thus you aouldnt have much of a clue how to treat them

thus you are left with a world where you  have a lot of things you cant judge because you lack the information, that will leave you with a mentallity where you have to let every new person surprise you !

that obviously is more thougt-intensive

so ask yourself  do you prefer to live in a comfortable world where all blond people are good and all redhaired are evil (just a random example)

or do you live in a world that you know is ungraspable and fulll of exceptions to rules and full of people that will surprise you in a good and also some  that will surprise you in a bad way….

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no time for a welcome post :D the subject is should we really talk behind peoples backs?

well if you want to be rational about it you would have to say at first glance that you should badmouth anyone you have info on, thus you would be able to limit the  power of your superiors at work or in any organization you are in, also youd be able to lift your own social position

same goes for friends and so on if you talk behind peoples bakcs there is 3 things you get in reward

thats fashionable

thats fashionable almost looks like a burka to me 😀

first you get the attention of all the nosy people

second you get to decrease the social position of others in a group you are in

now lets come to the point why i believe its not worth teh price you pay

first of all you become a person who isnt to be trusted with any information that isnt meant for the public ear

2nd you are not changing the behaviors that upset you by telling every person about it, besides the oneperson who actually is responsible for it

3rd its mostly a part of the first point: once somoen hears  about you badmouthing them you are considered scum by them

CONCLUSION while in the short run you only gain by gossipping, in the long run you WILL lose and one of the things you might lose first is a friend…

well if you want to gossip go for it

if you need the social rewards that bad 😛

but REMEMBER when you gossip the subject of the story is judged without chance of defence ….

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