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Being Afriad….

this post is a bout fear and as always “no time to waste” -lets get straight to the point (i really hate introductions) well the thing about fear is that is puts you in a state called “fight or flight” … Continue reading

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SUPERSTITION…really? you believe that this smell will heal your smokers-lung?

lets come to the point as said before hate wasting time… i cant belive that superstition is still arround its a slap in the face of civilization well i dont get how you can believ  some random guy who makes … Continue reading

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Prejeduce – is it really necessary to handle this huge flood of info arround us?

prejeduce – doesnt everyone do it? no! Continue reading

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no time for a welcome post :D the subject is should we really talk behind peoples backs?

Gossip is good?
why not?
oh come on it makes work so exciting Continue reading

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