Prejeduce – is it really necessary to handle this huge flood of info arround us?

dear reader i hate wasting your and my time!

thus lets come to the point

this is how prejeduce lloks like on the receiving end ( just so you heard of it)

if you prejudge people you feel safe because every new person is already judged we can then treat them accordingly without any delay…

but as many of us know there is 6 billion people and no two of them alike!

if you dont prejudge you are left in a world where there is no black and white anymore instead you are in a world of very dark dark grey (which is basically black) and very very light grey (which is basically white)

basically you dont know how to classify ever new person you get to know

thus you aouldnt have much of a clue how to treat them

thus you are left with a world where you  have a lot of things you cant judge because you lack the information, that will leave you with a mentallity where you have to let every new person surprise you !

that obviously is more thougt-intensive

so ask yourself  do you prefer to live in a comfortable world where all blond people are good and all redhaired are evil (just a random example)

or do you live in a world that you know is ungraspable and fulll of exceptions to rules and full of people that will surprise you in a good and also some  that will surprise you in a bad way….

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