SUPERSTITION…really? you believe that this smell will heal your smokers-lung?

lets come to the point as said before hate wasting time…

the only superstition i can accept is a lp from stevie wonder

the only superstition i can accept is a lp from stevie wonder

i cant belive that superstition is still arround

its a slap in the face of civilization

well i dont get how you can believ  some random guy who makes up  some weird theory (which he cant prove)  and then tells you that the energy coming from a certain pebble will “resonate” with your inner blablabla and then heal you -.-‘

firts what type of energy? radiowaves? huh? then whit what resonates this dubuious  energy(btw i dont get how science has failed to dicxover that new form of energy but this crackhead from memphis was able to discovere it in his freaking basement)

ok i am straying sorry

well superstition works like this some guy makes up some random unproven theory how this and this has this eeffect

then the superstiscious people go and buy his book for 500$ and then buy some perfectly ordinary pebbles for twice as much (1000$) then they hold them over wounds or itches and chant weird words that “resopnate” with  the stones

wow just wow

everyone can make this kind of bs up

i can write a whole book on the healing powers of water that has been stirred counterclockwise and how it will be able to heal everything for the ruidiculous price of 1000$ a gallon

first if you believe everything some random crazy/greedy guy tells you

you are a danger not only to yourself but also to other people

because i asssume youd also believe the stereotypes you see on tv plus all types of propaganda(mainly advertising)

and this  mindset of beliveing anything just because you want it to be true is  whats bad about superstition

people should  always question everything they are told

they should give everyone who claims abnything a hard time

and i dont get how  most of the people are still stuck in the freaking mi8ddle ages

they believ in perpetuum mobiles,

in eneregy  created from nothing,

they believ the stars ( freaking huge hydrogen balls eternetys away from your pebble called earth) only “move” the way they do to predict your freakin future,

they beleive that some weird flowers help cleans tzhe body and all other types of bs

superstition is very scary!

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