Being Afriad….

this post is a bout fear and as always “no time to waste” -lets get straight to the point (i really hate introductions)

see ? this is the way to go

well the thing about fear is that is puts you in a state called “fight or flight” , in which you can only fight  or flee a perceied threat. That means you are not able to devote braincapacity to let’s say more philosophical subjects like the fence you are fighting with your neighbour over now or whatever it is that put you in fight or flight in the first place. so its only about coming out the conflict on top, its not about the rational dispute anymore.

or if you are in a lifethreatining situation… the fear wont help you resolve the situation, the best bet usually is to stay calm think it through rationally and then following it up with the most favourable action.

this all goes so far that most of teh time something bad happens, the reason you may or may not make it, solely depends on you being overwealmed by fear or if you stay cool and just do what you have to…

i believ that at the point that you decide to not let fear rule your behavior, you become a better person..,.well…not a good person, but still a better person.

the best way to fight fear is to just endure it and by repeating the exposure to the source of your fears, you kind of learn that the perceived threat never holds its promise to damage you to the extend your fear makes you belive…and over time you just get either more used in facing your fears or you get bolder and dont care anymore ewither way you win

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