qualia are they really all that? what are they?

ok I hate to waste time!
so let me get right to the point.

I used to be baffled by the thought, that what we call color, red and blue and yellow and any combination of those, isn’t a thing that is really out there.
The thing, we call light, is just pulsating electromagnetic fields, that travel through space.

so to make it short, it is a property of space, traveling through space, periodically gaining and losing strength.

the differing colors, are only the differing energies, of those disturbances, traveling through space.

high energy light(blue) is quickly pulsating fields
low energy light(red) is slowly pulsating fields.

colors spectrum

this is the spectrum of visible light

there are no colors out there.
this leads me to why I WAS baffled: if the color we assign, in our brains, to the differing wavelengths of those electromagnetic pulsating fields hitting our eyes, how do we know that my red isn’t your blue?

do all people see the same thing, when (red) light of 680 nm wavelengths hits our eyes?

is what I see as red, the same thing, you see as red? maybe what you see at 680 nm wavelength, is what I see when I look at blue light? and vice versa.

how would we ever know? we both would think of whatever we see as red and couldn’t even imagine anyone else seeing anything different from ourselves.

this internally assigned color is called a qualia.

and I used to think these are untestable and incomparable, but today it hit me they are not!

as we all know, our brains are all a bit different from each other, but they are still the same in some respect;
they are built from the very same basic unit, the neuron; and the things is:
just  half a year ago I read in a horrible magazine, which i wont mention here, that there is another thing I have waited for over a decade is being realized: people take the magnetic fields that are created through the electric activity in the brain and use them to reconstruct the image the person sees.
the thing is this has to be adjusted for every brain anew, but it produces an image on a computer screen.

reconstructing seen images from messured brainactivity

reconstructing seen images from measured brain activity

so if they would manage to reconstruct pictures that are seen in full color
and then go to te next guy adjust for him and see if the picture comes out the same color as the previous guy the measured before. they then proven that those qualia are not different for every person

but that what i see as red is, exactly what you see as red!

and that is a very comforting thought!
this still doesn’t answer what this thing color is….
but at least we know that it isn’t random but somehow the brain architecture produces it for every human being more or less the same!

now I am no longer fascinated by those qualia.

but I still wonder how they came to be and why air-molecules drumming on our eardrums, are experienced as this weird thing we call sound.

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